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Hello I'm Peter James

Time Management can be a big turn off or it can be a huge increase in productivity for your team and your business. It all depends on how you use it. Without a time management strategy, you could be spending time on busy work that is taking you away from the reason you’re in business… to make a profit.

Hello I’m Peter James and I am passionate about helping other people find more time in their day - come join us in our private Facebook Group -> It's Time for ME!

If Time is Getting the Best of You - It's Time for a Change

In my years as a professional chef and then as a chef educator and dean of a large culinary school it became clear to me that good time management was a skill that was not so easy to find in many managers and professional people.

I developed a course for them that was ten hours a day and six days a week, similar to what they would be doing on the ships. The course was a massive success and the cruise line requested that we develop similar training for all of their managers both on board the ships and on the land staff.

While training many, many managers I developed a number of systems that were very successful in helping people be more effective. I too can help YOU!!