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Anissa Pfanennstiel, LSCSW and LCSW
Psychotherapist, Educator, and Clinical Social Worker

Peter James is a remarkable leader, trainer and motivator who is able to utilize his wit, humor, knowledge to engage you and motivate you in ways that create change and results that will make a difference for you. I highly recommend working with Peter, he makes learning and collaborating a wonderful process.

Jay Fernando
VP - Global Operations at Magsaysay Maritime Corporation

Peter is an exceptional training professional. As our primary point of contact with Johnson & Wales University since 2006, he has significantly contributed to the constant improvement of our training curriculum, our instructors and our training operations. His annual train-the-trainers program and operational audit of our Manila operations has been a regular highlight for us as we have known it to be a learning opportunity to improve our teaching staff and our operational processes. He is very transparent, direct-to-the-point kind of person that is always focused on delivering the results.

Scott Knutson
VP Sales & Marketing, Costa Cruises North America

I enjoyed Peter's creative style of delivering information and techniques which made for higher retention of the material and concepts. His presentations, sense of humor and personality are still very vivid in my memory, after nearly a decade, and have had an impact on both my career and personal life. There's no higher compliment, in my mind, than that!

Dr. Doron Zilbershtein
Managing Partner at Accountopia, Inc.

I have known Peter James since 2006. During that time I have collaborated with him on number of projects and sought his professional advice on issues related to training, education and professional development as pertained to the cruise line industry.

Peter possesses all the attributes of a great mentor and a business leader; he has a unique ability to listen, think and provide a relevant response to the issue at hand. Peter uses every second of his 25 years of experience and applies his creative mind to address complicated, comprehensive and delicate issues related to human behavior at the workplace.

Through his endless passion and compassionate attitude Peter helps his students feel empowered and capable when he coaches them through the process of converting them from a group to a strong team! His unique approach to training usually eclipses the emerging problems as viewed by his students and converts these problems into meaningful challenges. He then proceeds with a professional pragmatic approach to the issue at hand and deliver his knowledge in the right dose to his audiences because it is blended with love and reinforcement all throughout the process and beyond.

Michelle Marchand Canseco
Certified Teacher at

Peter conducted our Train the Trainer Program at Image Photo Services, Inc. and it was extremely successful. He helped me achieve my goals as a Training Manager and made me look good in front of Senior Management. He made me think of ways to improve my department that I had not thought of and as a result we achieved even more success. Peter thinks outside of the box and we really need this at this time

Roberto Ratto
Director Shoreside & OnBoard Logistic Operations, Costa Crociere

Peter is an excellent and professional teacher. His lessons have been very interesting and much useful.

Neil Coogan
Had the pleasure of being a part of "Coaching the Champions" seminars
for several years with Carnival Cruise Lines, and got so much from Peter's classes, 15 years on I am still able to draw from lessons learned. A true pioneer in his field, just wish he was in Buffalo New York,
to assist my company further.

Tara Blythe Associate Vice President, Talent Management, Strategy and Planning at University of Florida
I have had the pleasure of working with Peter as an adjunct faculty member/ consultant for Johnson & Wales University for the past 4 years. As the Executive Director for Professional Development he not only takes extraordinary care of each of his clients but also ensures that his colleagues and faculty are kept informed and given the resources they need to be successful. He is an inspiring leader, excellent manager, and outstanding facilitator - he sets the example of the standards he sets for others.

Deborah Angiolina Billings
Spiritual and Wellness Coaching

I have had the pleasure of exploring possibilities with Peter on how to improve and support the workforce morale on an individual basis, in small businesses or large companies - as a means to increase happiness and enhance overall productivity. Peter is intelligent, caring and considerate. His diverse background gives him an advantage and a quick ability to pinpoint and resolve issues brought on by cultural differences. I consider Peter a consummate professional and dear friend.

Sharlyn Lauby, SPHR, CPLP
Leadership/Management Training, Organizational Development and HR Consulting

Peter and I have worked together on training projects for mutual clients. I have always found him to be a consummate professional: knowledgeable about the hospitality industry, very conscious of client needs and focused on delivering a quality training program. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again on a training project.

Wilny Audain
CEO, The Living Circle - Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

Peter James is a pleasure to work with. Peter is an effective and efficient manager that is thorough, precise and excellent with details. His positive personality and professional demeanor makes him one of the top people I've worked with in the training industry. I highly recommend Peter for the top notch professional that he is.

Eileen Tighe Zen Ranch llc MA40320 & Certified
Breath, Relax, Move Forward

Peter James has an exceptional mind. He is able to communicate his thoughts, knowledge and enthusiasm in a way that people at all levels, from C level to the new and front line employee, are receptive. He does so in a memorable, stylish way, making countless friends along his journeys.

Jorge de la Torre
Dean of Culinary Education at Johnson & Wales University

Peter is key in his role for the University because of his ability to make connections with all aspects of the industry so that our students have a great array of opportunities when they graduate. Peter has offered faculty and staff opportunities to connect with industry so that we, too, remain relevant for our students.

Amy Kent
Private Wine Concierge & Tasting Guide Representing Elegant, Affordable, Handcrafted California Wines

My experience working with Peter is always enjoyable. He is encouraging, insightful, creative, and always willing to help colleagues and clients with their projects. I am very happy to recommend Peter as he truly delivers what he promises to his internal and external clients.

Giorgio Zagami
Executive Manager | CPO | Corporate Procurement & Logistics at MSC Crociere Group
Peter is an extremely talented Trainer, a Team Builder and a Great Communicator. He is one of those great teacher that can never be forgotten because able to give "the art of living well" (Aristotele). Thanks for the time spent together. Giorgio Zagami

Jeanette A. Scarcella
Culinary Relations & Program Officer at Johnson & Wales University

I have known Peter James for about 20 years and want to recommend Peter for his diligence, performance and dedication. He is a talented, personable individual with many years of leadership and training behind him. He continues to foster incredible relationships and opportunities for the students and faculty of Johnson & Wales University. He is a caring, loyal friend.

Katja Gallinella
Acquiring C-level positions in the Hospitality and HR Industry | Talent Acquisition Director at Costa Crociere

I had the opportunity to attend Peter's Management Development Program Training. Learning from the best is a remarkable experience and I can say that Peter is one of the best in his field. I really appreciated his lectures and his ability to explain in a clear and understandable way. I was really impressed by Peter's passion for teaching, that is the reason why his classes are both challenging and exciting, enabling you to apply classroom knowledge to the professional world. Peter has the ability to teach the right mix of theoretical concepts always maintaining a “hands on approach”. Thanks Peter. I look forward to sitting again to one of your lesson.

Laurie Glover
Legal & Accounting Business Development Coach | Management Training & Coaching | Public Speaking | Igniting Excellence

Peter is a dynamic, strategic leader with a deep concern for his clients. He focuses on delivering quality programs with measurable outcomes to deepen and maximize the core skills of an organization's most important asset - its people. Because he recognizes the impact his facilitators have on JWU's positive reputation, he respects and acknowledges their talents and contributions. It's a pleasure to be associated with Peter.

Heidi Richards Mooney LinkedIn Open Networker
Author, Wordpress Expert, FLORIST, Professional Speaker, SEO Pro, Web Designer, Workshop Facilitator, Community Activist

Peter James is a positive, interesting and intelligent gentleman. And I use the word "gentlemen" with great respect because he is one of those rare men who always does and says the "right thing." Peter is a relationship builder who truly enjoys helping others succeed. He knows how to "get the job done" and has proven himself to be a loyal and trusted adviser. Without hesitation, I would recommend Peter in any endeavor he pursues.

Tony Johns
Education Consultant

I have worked on a number of very interesting projects with Peter James, Executive Director Professional Training at Johnson & Wales University. These include management training at The Acton Training Centre where I once had an interest and more recently I have worked under Peter's direction on the university Management Development Programme delivered on cruise liners to the senior management of Costa. Peter has been most helpful and very supportive in his management of our large team of 'Professors' delivering a complex, demanding and exciting and unique programme across the high seas. I look forward to working under him again in the coming cruise season.

Tony Johns, M.Ed DPSE, Ofsted Trained Inspector of Schools

Christina Martin
Marketing Technology Project Manager

Peter is a witty, dedicated professional with a passion for people. He communicates well, thinks clearly and has a fantastic sense of humor -even during high-stress moments. His ability to keep people focused yet grounded is possible because he sets this example himself. Peter understands how to keep people engaged and fulfilled and is a pleasure to work with.

Paolo Godani
Hr Data Manager and STCW Compliance

I attended Peter's seminars by our headquarters. Peter made these courses really interesting, adding his experience and personal ideas to any issue. It has been a real pleasure to follow his courses

Gerry Ellis, AFNI
Director of Maritime Safety & Compliance at Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.

Peter provided a training schedule to fit an unusual brief: To come up with a suitable program for the residents and police force of Grand Turk in preparation of the imminent arrival of the cruise ship. The program was inspired, accurate, well received and timely. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend Peter to manage any training needs, no matter how unusual!
Thanks Peter!

Joe Lavi
Logistics, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Cruise Line Executive

Peter has been key in the Management Training program at J&W during the years that Carnival Cruise, where I was working at the time, and J&W have been together. I am not the one who hired Peter, but had it been up to me I would not hesitate to do that, and would look for Peter to run a similar program should my current company decide to do that without a second thought. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Peter. Great sense of humor and the ability to fit well and address the people sitting in front of him.

Kristen Nevils
Entrepreneur, Global Sourcer, Government Contractor

Peter knows how to get things done. He knows how to use his resources to help him get to the finish line. Peter is super friendly and personal and he is the ultimate professional!

Rosalind Sedacca, CCT
Divorce & Parenting Coach/Dating & Relationship Coach/Copywriter/

Peter James is an exceptionally warm, talented and knowledgeable professional. He is a master at training and understands the dynamic of building relationships for business and personal rewards. I highly recommend Peter for positive results in any business activity.

Rosalind Sedacca
Trainer & Marketing Consultant, Rosalind Sedacca and Associates

Mary Ann Apostol
Jewelry Designer

Peter James is extremely knowledgeable, articulate and personable. His analytical and strategic thinking skills make him an expert at helping both employees and management become more effective.

Jayme Rivera
Java recruiter at Experis, a ManpowerGroup

Peter is a very professional, polished individual who no matter what situation, and has a positive attitude. He proactively offers to help people in need and offers valuable insight with his wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend Peter for any position and he'll be the locomotive behind any efforts.

James R. Bussey
Associate Dean, School of Business, St. Thomas University

Peter and his team was hired by Carnival Cruise Lines to help bring our shoreside and shipboard employees together. As an executive, I was immediately impressed with Peter's ability to detect and facilitate issues in a way that made us laugh, reflect, and become a tighter-knit family. I won't forget the high feelings we walked away with due to Peter's engaging personality and expertise. I'd do it again in a second.

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein
Strategic Leadership Development | IT Leadership | Organizational Transformation | Strategic Planning | Team Building

I met Peter when I was applying to provide a program for J&W U. I was impressed with what he had accomplished at the university and have since talked with him many times. Peter is thoughtful and thought-provoking. His creativity is reflected in everything he has done to improve both the content and reputation of the J&W program. He is innovative and a big contributor to the university's success.

Shirah Penn
Owner GrammaShirahSays

Peter is a highly cultured and very professional business man. i highly recommend him for his integrity and intelligence in his field. You can count on Peter to be very helpful and erudite.

Ned Parks
Business consultant-Leadership Development, Strategy, Coaching

Peter comes at a business connection with a true partner mentality. He is very supportive and has an uncanny ability to combine accountability with a hands off style. I would like ten more clients just like him.

Christine Schiftner
HR Hotel Management Director and Fleet Services at Costa Crociere

It has always been a pleasure to work with Peter and he always provided great up-to-date and knowledgeable input on the subjects treated.
Good choice to work with him!

J. Ray Rice
Owner, J. Ray Rice, MSW, ACSW

Peter is a superior mentor, trainer, and leader. I feel fortuned to have worked under and alongside of such a knowledgeable person at Johnson & Wales University. Peter’s international education, training, and experiences has given him the skills and attributes to relate to people on a level of culture competences that delivers a superior growth experience. I give my highest endorsement to a man that I shared the honors to work with. I know that you will feel the same, because this is who Peter is a superior mentor, trainer, and leader!

Christine Myers
Virtual Speaker/Coach Assistant & Administrative Support Specialist Increases Productivity & Growth for Business Owners

Peter James approaches everything he does with excellence, integrity and a high regard for others. It is a pleasure to recommend Peter.

Christina Rowe
Marketing Expert| Author|Speaker|Internet Marketing|Branding & PR Specialist|

Peter James is a top notch professional who has shared his expertise with our group on a regular basis. In addition to his vast knowledge, Peter has a warm personality and has shown kindness and patience while helping others. I would highly recommend Peter, for he is a man of integrity and values.

Sylvia Menezes
Director, Worldwide Recruitment - Expert in Top Talent Search

Peter has been a very valuable contact of mine and has been my guide and help in getting me connected with experienced hospitality professionals. I wish there were more people like Peter who together with his wealth of experience also has a nice sense of humour. I would highly recommend Peter as a mentor and trainer for up and coming hospitality professionals.

Scott Rumsey
Helping People to Achieve Their True Potential

Peter is a very inspirational manager and fantastic ambassador for Johnson & Wales University. Peter definitely 'walks the talk'. He is so passionate about how managers should perform and he puts it all into practice every day. He is one of those people who sees the potential in you before you see it yourself. I am very grateful for the opportunity he has given me to work as part of the professional training faculty and to work with such wonderful people around the world. Thank you Peter.

Tammy Fales Braga
Director of Training and Development at Kelley Kronenberg

Peter James is not only outstanding in his approach to professional training, he is also an absolute joy to work with. I am proud to be a part of his team and blessed to have the opportunity to work under someone who cares as much about his team's personal and professional growth as he does our clients.

Maureen Lloyd-James
Professor, PhD, educational specialist, motivator, trainer, social media guru

Peter is a delight to work for. He is organized, helpful and very motivating!

Tony Marchessault
President at Eagle Training Group and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant 352-516-6241 USA

I have worked with Peter over the last four years and he has always been a pleasure to work with. He always maintains a positive attitude no matter what we throw at him. Keen sense of humor, a top level trainer and well respected by his peers. He is one of the best in the industry.

Peter is a delight to work with. He is an engaging and funny trainer always going the extra mile to make sure his clients and learners are served well. On a scale of 1 to 10 Peter is a 12!

I would not hesitate a bit in recommending him to any organization worldwide.

Call me directly should you need additional information.

Tony Marchesseault, M. HRM
President, Eagle Training Group
352-357-4580 USA

Missy Briggs
Missy Briggs is an artist, mom, blogger and online marketing professional

Peter James is a top-notch professional with successful wins and ongoing contract education programs that need no endorsements from me. Working with him directly while employed at Johnson & Wales University and working for him on a contract-basis over the past three years has been a mutually beneficial experience.

He clearly outlines objectives and goals, sets parameters for work to be done and follows up on work completed in a concise and constructive manner.

Paul Zacharski

Peter is an extremely gifted speaker and educator. While I was CFO at Carnival Cruise Lines, I worked closely with Peter in the development and implementation of our management training programs. Peter has a tremendous understanding of the interpersonal and managerial relationships that are crucial for any high performance organization.

Deborah Meltzer
Owner at Florida Wholesale Printing

I have worked with Peter on numerous projects. He is organized, concise and very easy to work with. Our projects always flow smoothly with no problems to worry about due to his detailed instructions and timely contributions. Would recommend Peter for any future jobs that may arise.