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About Peter James

Peter’s experience started with six years in the British Army and then working as a chef in several well-known restaurants, hotels, and casino’s in London before moving to Bermuda, where he worked as a Sous chef and Head Chef for several years. He also worked as Executive Chef for a very large property overseeing 7 restaurants and a conference center for two years in St Maarten. He has taught at Johnson & Wales University (JWU) as a Culinary Instructor and worked his way up through Department Chair to the Dean of Culinary Arts. He has consulted with many culinary establishments and designed a kitchen or two in his time.

Peter Fighting the Time Pirate

He has had the responsibility of overseeing hospitality training in schools in the Dominican Republic and the Philippines. Peter has put together many fine training and education programs for hotels, cruise lines, military and professional associations.  He has personally trained over 20 thousand students and has an amazing knack for building rapport with the workers and getting them to a place of productivity that they and their organizations are proud of.

After leaving JWU, with the blessing of the President and bringing many of his clients with him, he is now the Director of Operations at Wessex Global University (WGU) and has a focus to deliver hospitality, customer service, motivational and management training to organizations and associations to help make their workers or members more productive.

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